Canadian Royal Air Force begins air policing mission in Romania

Canada is sending CF-18 fighter jets to Romania to resume the air policing activity in Romania in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Six CF-18 fighter jets will be sent to Romania in Thursday for the mission, Romania’s defense ministry said.

“We are bringing six CF-18s to Romania, for air patrol, ” Canadian Defense Minister Melanie Joly said in March. “These (aircraft) will be there, with military personnel that can reach 200 people.”

The Canadian squad of about 180 pilots and technical staff and six CF-188 Hornet aircraft, will execute enhanced Air Policing under NATO command for the following four months, along with the Romanian Air Force and F-16 Fighting Falcon and MiG-21 LanceR aircraft. Another CF-188 Hornet aircraft will take part in exercises organized with NATO allies during the same period.

Canada previously had six CF-18s and 140 personnel in Romania but they left in December 2021 after a three-month deployment.

“We have increased our presence on the eastern flank and we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the entire eastern flank and especially Romania are well protected,” Ms Jo0ly told journalists.

This is the 6th rotation at Mihail Kogalniceanu military air base from the Canadian Royal Air Force.

The Canadian military have also carried out a mission in Romania, in Campia Turzii in 2014, Romania’s defense ministry said.

The joint Air Policing missions contribute to developing reaction and deterrence capacity, as well as consolidating inter-operability between the Romanian and Canadian Air Forces.

RAF Typhoons from Romania participate in NATO exercise


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