Catastrophe! Hospital inquiry after cats found hiding in CEILING in radiology department

Sursa: Pexels

Cats are known for hiding away in drawers and wardrobes. But when laborers were called to the radiology department at a hospital in the Black Sea port of Constanta to repair the ventilation system, they probably didn’t expect to find a group of furry felines.

As they removed a false ceiling in the unit to reach the ventilation system, a number of cats who had found a quiet spot there, jumped into the unit with X-ray machines, news site reported.

The cats had apparently bored a hole in the ceiling and climbed up for a quiet rest. CTNews reported that the cats had managed to dislodge a piece of ceiling which had fallen on a patient lying on a stretcher. She wasn’t harmed.  

Managers at the Emergency Constanta County Hospital said Friday they had begun an inquiry. “We are sorry for this incident….and we inform you that we’re on this situation because there was work going on in the ventilation system,” the hospital said. “There were missing pieces from the system were removed and the ceiling will be put back together again.”

“A company that is specialized in safely removing animals will be contacted so that such incidents don’t happen again.”

The hospital said that nobody had been harmed. It did not specify the number of cats that had been found.


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