Clocks go forward one hour in Romania.

Sursa: Pixabay

Spring is coming, as the clocks move forward one hour to 2am on Sunday.

Most of the population across Europe gets to lose an hour’s sleep.

Sometimes known as “daylight savings time”, the clock-change moves Romania to GMT+2, resulting in more daylight in the evenings but less in the mornings.

It’s good for those who want to go out and do things in the evenings, less so if you have a job where you have to start early.

The debate as to whether we should continue to comply with Daylight  Time (DST) protocols continues to run rife.

The ‘stolen hour’ is returned on Sunday 29 October, when the clocks go back at 2am to 1am, giving everybody the once-a-year chance to of an extra.

Most electronic devices automatically adjust,


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