Communication issues with Romanian Embassy in Mexico under clarification

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Representatives of Romania’s Embassy in Mexico City have communicated to the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry their „dissatisfaction” with the fact that several Romanian citizens were denied access to Mexico, and underscored the importance that „such decisions be solidly substantiated and implemented with the strict observance of the rights of Romanian citizens”.

The message was conveyed in the context in which, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), on December 19-20, Romania’s Embassy in Mexico City received a series of consular assistance requests from Romanian citizens who were denied entrance to the United Mexican States, upon arriving at the airports of Mexico City and Cancun.

According to the preliminary data communicated by the relevant Mexican authorities in the migration area, the decisions to prohibit the access on Mexican territory were both adopted based on the Romanian citizens’ responses to the interview conducted upon arrival (inadvertences in the statements during the interview in front of the immigration officer; the purpose of the trip would not have been properly justified), as well as following the identification of some alerts in the databases when checking the travel documents presented by the persons in question, the Romanian MAE shows.

The MAE, through the Romanian diplomatic personnel in Mexico, is currently in dialogue with the representatives of the Directorate of Airports and Maritime Ports within the National Institute of Migration in order to clarify the reported situations and to identify, as soon as possible, some solutions regarding the access of Romanian tourists to Mexico.

The MAE mentions that, according to statistics provided by the Mexican authorities, throughout 2022 (up to this date), 20,969 Romanian citizens entered Mexico, of whom 3,343 were Romanian citizens only between November 1 and December 19, 2022.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Romanian citizens thoroughly document themselves before traveling abroad so that they are fully aware of all the implications of such trips, including the associated risks. Also, in order to exclude as many of the risks related to not being allowed to enter Mexico, it is important to travel with groups organized by travel agencies of Romania with a group leader, to print and translate into Spanish all supporting documents and present a detailed itinerary for each day of the stay, reports Agerpres.

The MAE points out that the alert level „Areas or time intervals that can be dangerous” is in force for the United Mexican States. Additional information is available in the Travel Alerts section on the MAE website.

The Romanian Embassy in Mexico City continues the dialogue with the Mexican authorities, at different levels, including political-diplomatic cooperation, being prepared to provide consular assistance, according to legal powers.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry brings to mind that Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone numbers of Romania’s Embassy in Mexico City: 00 52 55 5280 0447 and 00 52 55 5280 1869, the calls are redirected to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by Call Center operators around the clock.

Moreover, Romanian citizens who are confronted with a difficult, special, or urgent situation also have at their disposal the emergency telephone number of the diplomatic mission in Mexico City: 00 52 55 38 833 072.

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