Coronavirus Anxiety: Romania opens new helpline for Covid-19 distress

Romania has opened a new helpline for people who are anxious or feel overwhelmed by the spread of the new coronavirus.

The line set up by non-governmental group HUB is a call center for people suffering from anxiety and depression over the virus and its effects on everyday life.

The group said it decided to offer a free service as many have expressed concern about the spread of the disease. People who are predisposed to panic attacks, children and medics are the most vulnerable, psychologist Yolanda Cretescu was quoted by Hotnews as saying.

The Anti-Anxiety helpline number is 0374 456 420 and it’s open 24/7. It’s operated by 35 volunteers many of whom have a degree in psychology. They’ve been trained how to deal with anxiety caused by the spread of the killer virus.

Callers are given up to 30 minutes free counseling.

The announcement on Thursday came as authorities said that 49 people had tested positive for the disease. Nobody has died in Romania from the virus. New quarantine measures, panic buying, the shutdown of schools and the cancellation of flights and social events have fueled people’s fears.

The helpline comes after Romanian authorities set up a line last month for people to learn about prevention measures for the highly contagious disease.

Romanians can dial 0800800358 which is open daily, from 08:00 to 23:00. Callers will be informed about symptoms of COVID-19 and prevention measures.

People who think they may have contracted the virus should call the emergency number,  112.


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