Coronavirus deaths in Romania near 500, after seven deaths at care home

The death count from the novel coronavirus climbed to 498 Tuesday, after seven people succumbed to the virus during the day at a care home in eastern Romania.

A total of 16 people died from COVID-19 on Tuesday, including those at the care home in the Danube port of Galati, eastern Romania.

The Public Health Direction in Galati said 18 people in total had died at the Saint Ilie home after the virus ripped through the facility.

Another 72 people have tested positive for the virus at the home and are being treated in hospitals around the city. The home has 130 elderly people and 18 carers.

The virus touched another home in the city. The Saint Spiridon home has 20 residents,a and one staff member who have tested positive for COVID-19. One resident has died after contracting the virus.  The home has 139 residents and 67 staff.

The cases come after the first outbreak at a care home in Romania near Bucharest which sickened 31 residents and nine staff members.

Elsewhere in the world, outbreaks at care homes are common.

In European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium, about half of all virus deaths have been happening in retirement homes.

Coronavirus cases reached 9,242 on Tuesday, making Romania the worst affected country in Central and Eastern Europe.

Some 2,153 people have recovered from the virus, authorities say.


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