COVID-19. Johnson & Johnson donates 650,000 lei to help Romanian patients with chronic illnesses during pandemic

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson

U.S. healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson says it is donating 650,000 lei (about 135,000 euros) to help patients with chronic illnesses and buy protective equipment for health workers treating COVID-19 patients.

The company said on Wednesday that it would work with the Romanian Red Cross and the Federation of the Associations of Cancer Sufferers, for the program for patients with chronic diseases.

The company will donate 300,000 lei of emergency funds to the Red Cross to buy protective equipment to help intensive care health workers on the front line of treating COVD-19 patients. A press release said that the Red Cross would work with public health authorities to implement the program.

The company acted on a request from the Federation of the Associations of Cancer Sufferers for 50,000 lei to help patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are vulnerable to the virus. Many are over 60 and need safe transport to the hospital and protective equipment.

Sevan Kaloustian, the managing director of Janssen Pharmaceutical Company which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, said :„Our company has got involved in helping out some people in severe health crises. We are once again facing a public health crisis and we need everyone’s efforts to keep it in check.”

„We are responding to the pandemic in several ways which involves efforts from our company developing a COVID-19 vaccine which we are doing to support the authorities and local efforts of the community,” he said.

It said it was developing a logistic program to ensure transport for patents to hospitals to get medication and alternate ways of administering injectable drugs for patients.

Last month, Johnson & Johnson announced $50 Million of funding to support healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

The funds will be earmarked for assisting the doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers who are treating patients around the world during the novel coronavirus pandemic.


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