Defense minister warns possible new offensive in Ukraine could bring conflict closer to Romania

Foto: INQUAM/Octav Ganea

Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu has warned about a new offensive in Ukraine closer to the Romanian  border.

He said NATO was prepared for a shift in Russian forces who are regrouping in the east and south.

“We have to prepared,” he said late Saturday, warning of a ‘false lull that will be followed by fresh fighting next week,” he said, reported.

Romania is bracing for possible fighting  in Odessa which would put Romania and other Black Sea countries closer to the conflict.

“At the moment there are no concrete data about this. However, if we look at Vladimir Putin’s behavior that forces have been deployed from the Kiev area to the Black Sea area, we can certainly expect an evolution towards Odessa.”

„This plan is nothing new to NATO”, he added.

He said the Kremlin wanted to postpone ceasefire talks to concentrate his forces in Donbas and Luhansk.

„I think he needs a small victory at least to be able to move on to negotiations (…) It’s a false lull. It appears we will see a new offensive that will result in loss of life and  more refugees,” he told Antena 3.

„All possible prospects have been taken into account, especially the strengthening of the Eastern Flank. We will have to be prepared to ‘balance’ the fronts,” the minister added.

„We must not get alarmed about Putin’s intention to attack Odessa and an area close to the Black Sea, but obviously we are vigilant.”

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