Despite inflation, Bucharest remains among Europe’s cheapest cities

The capital is the most expensive city to live in within Romania, but it ranked 179th in a ranking of 218 European cities.

Europe’s most expensive city to live in is the Swiss city of Basel, according to Numbeo, the biggest internet database on the cost of living. Cities in Switzerland, in fact, take up the first 5 spots in the ranking, followed by Oslo, Reykjavik, and three other cities in Norway.

Romania’s most expensive cities, in order, are Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and the Black Sea port city of Constanța.

A family of four living in Bucharest will have monthly expenses of nearly RON 9,600 (EUR 1,943) excluding rent. For one person to lead a decent lifestyle in Romania’s capital, he or she will have to spend RON 2,741 (EUR 555), excluding rent.

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