Timisoara-Abu Dhabi partnership in the making

A partnership between Traian Vuia Timisoara International Airport (AIT) and the UAE-based Abu Dhabi Ports Group could see the former overhaul and develop its cargo infrastructure to become a regional commercial hub.

Representatives of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group and ADQ Abu Dhabi held talks in Timisoara on Wednesday, August 10, with the Romanian minister of transport Sorin Grindeanu and AIT officials. They discussed the possibility of a partnership, one which would have the airport transform into a major European commercial hub.

Timisoara’s location on the western border of Romania means that it is connected to the national and international rail and road transport networks. This would allow for the fast-paced transportation of goods from the airport to the rest of the EU.

The partnership represents an opportunity for the AIT, according to airport officials. “This new step of discussing a possible collaboration opens up very serious perspectives,” said Daniel Stamatovici, general director of AIT.

The talks in Timisoara took place as a result of previous meetings held in June between minister Grindeanu and representatives of the Abu Dhabi group. The possibility of developing the AIT into a Logistic Intermodal Cargo center arose as a result of this initial meeting.

The costs of building the new center could go as high as EUR 300 mln, and would take up an area of 65 hectares of land, offering storage and transport facilities for intercontinental goods.

Operatorul Abu Dhabi Airports, interesat de dezvoltarea de aeroporturi în România


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