EU approves 47.4 million euros to shore up pig and poultry breeding operations in Romania

Sursa: Pexels

The favorite meats in meat-loving Romania are pork and chicken, with pig and poultry farming widespread in the East European country of 19 million.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has hit farmers and producers and is threatening jobs in both sectors.

Romania applied to Brussels for aid and the European Commission has recently approved two schemes, totaling about 230 million lei, or 47.4 million euros to support companies that are active in the pig and poultry breeding sectors, the  Poultry Site reported.

The schemes were approved under the Temporary Framework, which provides state aid measures to support the economy in the current Covid-19 outbreak

Under the schemes, some 119.6 million lei or 24.7 million euros will be put aside for the pig sector and just under 110 million lei, 22.7 million euros for the poultry sector.

The funds will be provided in the form of direct grants. The aim of the schemes is to help companies active in the pig and poultry breeding sectors address their liquidity needs and continue their activities in order to ultimately secure food and feed materials for the food industry and secure jobs.

The scheme is expected to benefit over 1,000 companies active in each sector.

The Commission said the Romanian schemes are in line with the conditions set out in the Temporary Framework.

They don’t exceed 100,000 euros per beneficiary, and the aid will be granted by the end of the year.

The measures comply with EU State aid rules.


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