Film of Romania’s Queen Marie to mark 100 years since the coronation

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A documentary film about Romania’s iconic Queen Marie will air on History Channel to mark 100 years since the coronation of King Ferdinand and Marie.


The critically acclaimed documentary will air on Saturday, Oct. 15, a century after Ferdinand and Marie were crowned in the Transylvanian city of Alba Iulia, four years after World War I ended.

Romania gained almost double its territory after the Great War, partly due to the negotiating skills of the British-born queen at the Versailles peace talks.

This documentary reveals the political role and personal life of Marie, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria who married the Crown Prince of Romania, Ferdinand, in 1893.

World War I

It shows how she ruled the country amid the horrors of World War I until her victory at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. But it also shows some of the more unpleasant aspects.

Her eldest son, Carol II, despised his parents, and when he became king, he banished Marie from her court. When the communists came to power and the monarchy was abolished, Marie was erased from the history books.

The film tells the story of a very important period in Romanian history through the queen’s eyes.

British princess

Born a British princess,  she was at the center of the struggle for the achievement of modern-day Romania.

She was one of the most famous women of interwar Europe, her destiny has led her to the royal palaces of Romania, the salons of Paris, the streets of New York, the Kremlin, and even the Wild West. The film is narrated by actor Marcel Hureche.

“Is there anyone in Romania today who can resist a woman who is brave, beautiful, and double the size of her adoptive country? That was Queen Marie a century ago.” John M. Florescu, Executive Producer of the documentary said:

National archives

Filmed in nine countries over two years, researchers used material from 14 national archives. The documentary offers the audience the opportunity to hear the queen’s original voice, original footage and period images colored with the help of modern technology, in an attempt to capture the reality of those times as accurately as possible.

Marie – The Heart of Romania is an independent production by Chainsaw Film Productions, supported by the Romanian Academy and the Romanian Cultural Association.

The head of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Aurel Pop called it “a groundbreaking movie. ”

History Channel

Broadcast in 42 countries, including on the HISTORY and HISTORY2 channels, the film “Marie Heart of Romania”, together with the documentary “The King Who Betrayed Hitler” and the latest documentary “The Last King Behind the Iron Curtain”, is on the National The HISTORY TOUR is a traveling event supported by HISTORY Channel that tours 25 towns and cities in Romania and broadcasts the audience live, free of charge, and presents a broad slice of Romanian history from 1860 to 2017 to Romanian audiences.

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