Germany to send Eurofighters to Romania amid Ukraine crisis

Germany will send Eurofighters and  troops to Romania next month to bolster its defense,  while Russian demands to pull out NATO troops “have to be resolutely rejected.”

German ambassador to Romania, Peer Gebauer, said that in the current regional crisis, which is creating unease in Romania, “Germany firmly stands at the side of Romania.”

“From mid-February, German Airforce will participate with Eurofighters and soldiers in NATOs Enhanced Air Policing South. Together with Italy, we will secure NATO airspace as a reliable partner,” he said  Wednesday n a tweet.

The U.S. Department of Defense on Monday said it put about 8,500 American troops on alert, for possible deployment to NATO’s eastern flank in the case of a Russian invasion of  Ukraine. France has also offered to send more troops to Romania if needed.

“This is a clear sign of transatlantic and European solidarity,” the ambassador tweeted.

He said that „Any new violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty would … be followed by a decisive, common European answer.”

Demands to withdraw NATO military forces out of Romania “and to return to the status of 1997 have to be resolutely rejected.”

Romania and Bulgaria both joined NATO members in 2004.

“There is no turning back the clock 25 years. Romania’s NATO membership is an important achievement which cannot be questioned by others.”

He said the current situation of fears that Russia may invade Ukraine “is of grave concern to us. The Russian behavior is not only threatening Ukraine, but affects the security in all of Europe.”

VIDEO | Romania is ready to host more NATO troops, president says






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