Hospitals in Bucharest to be turned into “Covid-19 hospitals” as cases spike in the capital

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Health Minister Nelu Tataru is planning to turn a number of hospitals in the capital and the surrounding area into “Covid-19 hospitals” as cases rise exponentially in the capital, Europa FM reported.

The first hospital which has been targeted is the Ilfov County Hospital, in southeastern Bucharest and treats patients from Bucharest and Ilfov, a county to the north and east of the capital, Tataru confirmed Thursday.

He said Bucharest currently has 1,221 beds for Covid-19 patients, an insufficient number if cases continue to climb. There are three other units which could take extra Covid-19 patients including the Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases, he said.

On Wednesday, the Romanian capital reported 152 new cases, about 30 more than the total number of new infections in Italy, which was the epicenter of Europe’s corona outbreak earlier this year.

Bucharest, a city of 1.9 million, has reported a total of 4,871 Covid-19 cases, more than any other city or county in Romania. The number of new infections has risen in recent weeks, with 101 fresh cases on Thursday.

Ilfov County chief Marian Petrache also confirmed the news about Ilfov County Hospital,  adding the hospital wasn’t yet fully prepared.

The plan is for it to make available half its beds for patients from Bucharest and Ilfov, he told Europa FM.

“We’ll have about 400 beds, all for Covid patients. The order hasn’t appeared yet but I spoke to minister Nelu Tataru last night and the whole hospital will be a Covid support unit,” he said.

“If we want to get through this difficult period, we need to have solidarity. The hospital is prepared for this,” he said.


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