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The Kremlin imposed a news blackout in Russia after  Vladimir Putin launched his  invasion of Ukraine almost seven weeks ago.

Two days into the war, Russia’s media-monitoring agency ordered media outlets to delete reports using the words “assault,” “invasion,” or “declaration of war” to describe Russia’s massive, unprovoked military incursion.

Russia calls the invasion a ‘special military operation.’ Dozens if not hundreds of Russian and foreign journalists left the country as the news became increasingly difficult to report and their situation became untenable.

But the reporting continues, often at risk to journalists and their sources.

It is crucial for the world to know what is happening inside Russia beyond the official pro-Kremlin line. has published dozens of reports from Russia. We have now set up a section ‘PRESA RUSA’ for readers to access these stories more easily.  Some will be adapted for our English language section.

Our sources have included Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper until it suspended printing in late March due to pressure, as well as Vedomosi,, Kommersant and Meduza which cover Russian politics, the economic situation and snippets of everyday life.

The journalists who left Russia after Feb. 24 are continuing to report and edit outside the country in safe locations, tapping into sources inside Russia for information. Some outlets have moved their journalists or even newsrooms to other countries for the time being.

We won’t name journalists or say where they are working from to allow them to continue their vital work during this conflict. salutes their work and wishes them the very best.

KOMMERSANT | Nori negri peste marile proiecte ale Rusiei în LNG. Sancțiunile au doborât-o la nivelul Iranului



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