Israel sends Covid aid, medical equipment and staff to Romania

Israel says it will send Romania aid to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in the form of dozens of oxygen tanks and a team of expert doctors.

Romania is struggling to cope with a deadly fourth wave which has seen record numbers of new infections and hundreds of deaths a day.

Israel’s foreign ministry sent a delivery of 40 oxygen tanks to Romania through the Israeli embassy in Bucharest as part of governmental and private-sector aid, the Jerusalem Post reported on Friday.

The tanks were donated by Elbit Systems and Effi Europe.

Dr. Rami Sagi, deputy head of the hospitals department in the Health Ministry, will lead a team of doctors who will fly to Romania next week.

„Romania is one of the best and closest friends that Israel has…. The good relations between the two countries has a long history,” said Israeli ambassador to Romania David Saranga. „We are proud of the assistance we are giving.”

He said strategic relations between the two countries that included close economic, health and culture cooperation.

“The assistance given and the team of doctors that will arrive next week are meant to supply relief in the state of the patients and the Romanian health system and help by instructing the medical teams that are dealing with the pandemic.”

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