Letter from Romania: The Biden-Trump debate was no debate

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It is Saturday already!  I have fed the dogs and the cats and the chickens and have made a smoothie with kefir, spinach, banana, strawberry and blue berries.  The spinach is frozen from what I gathered from our garden.  I added it recently because I learned that Vitamin K2 is supplied by spinach and I prefer a natural source such as my homegrown spinach to supply that needed addition to our diet.  The fruit supplies other needed nutrients and the kefir is said to be actually better for one’s health than yogurt!

I have also read a great deal about the response to the first so-called debate between the Felon and the President.  It was NOT a debate.  Joe Biden is the only one who presented a response to a question asked.  And he did so no matter how badly he felt at that time.  I would not call for the resignation of any elected official for having a sore throat or for appearing in spite of  frailty from an illness that is soon long gone. The Felon used monkey faces, innuendos and at least 39 lies along with numerous insults and other bullying tactics such as name calling.  The fact that the media, air and written, as found on the Internet or cable TV, all pounced on President Biden and failed to mention the ridiculous behavior of one who refused to debate issues and continually behaved very badly.  Why did that not get one comment???  Why are they still giving support to a liar??

Why the pouncing on Biden for not being as vigorous as he was the very next day?  I have an answer that I continually promote.  It is that there are so many dysfunctional people in this world that they do not know the difference between disaster and what is good for them and the world in general.  That is so true.  They support the very things that will do them in.  They may not even recognize the dynamics in which they are operating.   If you look at family trees, or at the way your family functions, you might be able to recognize when you are being bamboozled.  Reading books written a hundred years ago, I see similar behavior and similar opinions that people hold these days that have not changed much at all.  The majority have not even tried to move past behavior that they would not like exhibited toward themselves or their families or their communities.  The basic of each of the three major religions, and little-known ones as well, promote the basic rule important to human behavior and thus a better world for all.  Jesus of Nazareth is reported to have said, „Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  The same instruction can be found in other Holy books as well as the verbal traditions handed down from generation to generation by those less well known.  Though stated a little differently, each contains this rule that is described in each of them in a way that fits more closely the conditions in which people lived at the time they were written or spoken.

It is easy to find examples of when that is not being followed, and examples of how the ones that do follow them, can be treated in a way that exemplifies the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.  The word crucify is often used about bullying behavior of one toward another individual or group and we call that treatment „crucifying”.  It is most often accomplished, consciously or unconsciously, by a person who has failed to recognize the dysfunctional aspect of their behavior.

Long ago I attended a workshop presented by Virginia Satir.  She demonstrated her presentation by using body sculpture.  She had an audience of about 3,000 paying full and apt attention.   Most memorable was her concept of a dysfunctional family.  The main controller stands in the middle of a circle tied to all the others  who are tied to one another.  Anyone who tries to escape so jerks the others around that they dare not to move except as the destructive controlling one in the center of the circle allows.  She described others as well in her book People Making.  Those dynamics remain essential for all of us to know today.  In a healthy family there are no ropes tying one to another and that ability for free movement allows each to be free from control and able to learn and grow. (I was reminded of this again when I was reading an Agatha Christie book about just such a family.)

Then I was fortunate to have met and learned from John Bradshaw who wrote books that have been essential to my understanding of how we all are affected, especially the family unit.  When explored, family trees will show dysfunctional behavior that is enacted by those who do not even know the one who is the perpetrator of it.  John Bradshaw wrote many books and taught many of us much more. Look him up on the Internet and you will see.  I learned a lot from reading Homecoming and listening to many of his lectures.

Using what I have been taught by others as well as the two mentioned, I have listened and watched and am close to despair that so little has been learned and applied to the daily behavior of so many in this world.  I especially mourn for America and diligently hope and pray that there are sufficient numbers of those who have recovered from or changed behavior in such a way that they cannot be bamboozled and thus behave in a way that will lead to the destruction of us all.

I salute those who can choose to vote in a healthy manner.


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