Mask up Museum style: Romania’s National History Museum launches pandemic face coverings

Face masks by Romanian National History Museum, Facebook
Face masks by Romanian National History Museum, Facebook

Romania’s National History Museum has launched a collection of cloth face masks featuring elements of Romanian history.

The three different designs are sold at the museum shop and curators hope they will give a contemporary twist to learning about Romanian history.

Since May it has been compulsory to wear face coverings in public transport and indoor public places and more recently in crowded outdoor areas since coronavirus cases spiked in July.

Romania had a two-month state of emergency from March to May, and one of the first restrictions to be lifted was the reopening museums which have allowed visitors since May 15.

 Roaita Flavius Nicolae, acting director of the public relations and cultural marketing department said the museum was offering a one-layer and double-layered mask at 11 and 15 lei respectively.

One mask features the Helmet of Peretu, a Geto-Dacian silver helmet dating from the 5th century BC, which is housed in the museum. It was found in Peretu in the southern county of Teleorman

Another mask has Trajan’s Column which is Rome. The Roman triumphal column commemorates Roman emperor Trajan’s victor in the Dacian wars. It has a spiral bas relief which artistically represents the wars between the Romans and Dacians on territory that is modern-day Romania.

He told Agerpres national news agency a another mask is a collage of the Post Tower and the Thinker, which is considered masterpieces of Neolithic art.

It was crafted during the Hamangia, an ancient culture which began around 5250 BC and lasted until around 4500 BC.

There’s also a plain black mask for people who prefer not to wear Romanian history face coverings.


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