Most migrants to Germany come from Romania-interior ministry report

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Migration figures from a German interior ministry report released this week showed that 15% of migrants to the country came from Romania, which was also the top choice for German residents to relocate to.

The report which studied migration to Germany in 2018 was discussed at a government meeting on Wednesday.

The report said that about 1.59 million migrants moved to Germany and 1.19 million left the country in 2018, Deutsche Welle reported.

Of those, some 15.1% came from Romania, around 9.2% came from Poland and 5.2% from Bulgaria. Significant numbers of migrants also came from Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Hungary and the United States.

The report showed that two-thirds of all migrants came from another European country (53 % from EU and 13.9%  from non-EU states).

Some 66% who left Germany moved to another European country, while 54.3% chose to relocate in another EU member state.

Top choices for German residents were Romania followed by Poland and Bulgaria in 2018.

Statistics released last summer showed that 20.8 million people in Germany had an immigrant background, roughly a quarter of the population. However, only 15 per cent of those arrived as refugees seeking asylum, the Independent reported.

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, economist Herbert Brücker said Germany has a net immigration of between 200,000 and 400,000 people per year, and by 2030 some 30 to 40% of people living in German will have foreign roots.


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