Museum of the Romanian Seaside now under creation

Foto: INQUAM/Mircea Manole

A team of artists, theorists, anthropologists, and biologists started research at the Black Sea, in collaboration with international specialists in the field of digitization, preservation, and the artistic promotion of archives, with the aim of creating a Virtual Museum of the Romanian Seaside.

The Seaside Archives project builds layer by layer, in images and narratives, the so-called Seaside City, the region that stretches along the seashore and encompasses the lives of both the seasonal and permanent inhabitants.

Launched in mid-July in Eforie Sud, the collaborative and transdisciplinary research of the Seaside Archives will extend over the next two years to Constanța and 2 Mai aiming to identify and digitize a significant number of collections of photographs and postcards, objects and documentary materials.

To these will be added the stories of the old resorts, resulting in a living archive of images, audio-video recordings, and objects, which will map the development of the Romanian coastline from the end of the 19th century to the communist and post-communist periods.


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