Energy and fuel compensation directly influence inflation

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania’s Central bank (BNR) spokesperson, Dan Suciu, stated that, in terms of slowdown in inflation, the compensation of energy and fuel prices was a welcome decision. Suciu believes that inflation would have surpassed 20% without this measure.

BNR spokesman Dan Suciu said on Friday evening at Digi 24, that the inflationary spate does not seem to increase, and the trend is changing slightly.

„Unfortunately, they cannot change more radically considering energy prices, which continue to be the main inflationary factor. Energy and fuel prices are the ones that influence inflation”, Suciu said.

He also referred to the compensation from the state.

Asked if there is an estimate of the sums to be compensated, Suciu said: „No, there isn’t. We have an estimate of the inflation, as it would have been if they hadn’t been compensated. There would have been an inflation of 20%, it would have surpassed 20%. So, from the perspective of slowdown in inflation, it was a welcome decision, we have no estimates of costs”.

Suciu added that, towards the end of the year, inflation will begin to drop, getting closer to the estimate of 13.9%.

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