Princely tomb uncovered under Romanian highway

A major archaeological site was discovered on the route of the Ploiești-Buzău section of the A7 motorway (currently in progress) in Romania: a princely tomb of a warrior buried next to his horse, containing a varied inventory of weapons and ornaments, some of them made of gold, the national road company CNAIR announced. Based on the inventory, the discovery was dated to the migration period.

Given the infrastructure project of the A7 Ploiești-Buzău motorway, archaeologists were limited in their investigations as some portions of the route were not expropriated, which led to the impossibility of accessing the entire space, CNAIR explained.

„Even in this situation, on lot 1 of the mentioned project, on approximately 14 of the 21 km, the intrusive archaeological diagnosis could be carried out during the feasibility study phase, and four archaeological sites were identified”, the company said, adding that four other sites were found at a later point. Archaeological research at one of these sites led to the discovery of the princely tomb.

„The tomb surprises with its varied and rich inventory, from elaborately crafted and decorated weapons to pieces of gold jewelry for both the deceased and the horse with which he was buried”, CNAIR posted on Facebook.

Specialists from the Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archeology in Bucharest carry the archaeological research. The burial inventory, as well as the bones, have been collected and are currently at the institute’s laboratory to be cleaned, preserved and restored. They will then be displayed to the public.

Treasure discovered in Bihor county


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