Public transport prices hiked in Romanian capital

Foto: Inquam Photos / George Calin

The Bucharest public transport company on Tuesday announced it is doubling fares on the subway, buses and trams.

Starting August 1, a single ticket for a ride on a bus or tram will go up to 3 lei (about 0.61 euros) from the current 1.3 lei, the transport ministry said.

It is the first time that bus prices have been raised since 2008. The last price increase on the subway was in 2014.

Bucharest’s public transport is among the cheapest in Europe even after the hikes come in.

A single subway ticket will cost 5 lei next month, double what it currently costs, Agerpres reported.

A 90-minute ticket for all public transport in the capital will cost 5 lei, about one euro. A 24-hour pass will cost between 8 and 14 lei.

In a new initiative, the subway and bus companies will offer reductions to companies who purchase travel passes for their employees.

The The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) which runs public transport will also introduce new one-month, six-month and one-year passes for the subway and buses and trams or a combination of both.

The new system will allow travel card holders to get their passes back if they lose them, something that hasn’t been possible until now. The holder needs to present their identity card and a pass will be issued in their name.

The transport ministry said the increased revenue would be spent on upgrading public transport,

In 2020, found  that in comparison, a single bus ticket in Budapest costs about 1.04 euros, while in Vienna it’s 2.4 euros, much higher than in Bucharest.

A ticket costs about 0.82 euros in Sofia, the capital of neighboring Bulgaria. Bus tickets are cheaper in Chisinau, Moldova, just 0.1 euros for a one-way ticket.

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