Romania exports 5 million tons of grains

President Klaus Iohannis declared that over 5 million tons of grain from Ukraine were exported through Romania, approximately 60% of what was previously exported by Ukraine.

He pointed out that Romania will continue to develop its logistics in order to significantly contribute to reducing a possible food crisis.

„Romania tried and succeeded in building logistics to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine. Up to now, more than 5 million tons of grain have been exported through Romania. It is a lot, it is about 60% of what exported to Ukraine this year. We will continue the development of logistics, i.e. roads, railways, ports and so on, to contribute, significantly to the reduction of a possible food crisis”, the head of state said, before his participation in the meeting of the European Council.

He pointed out that the European leaders will condemn Russia’s behavior regarding Ukraine, where it attacked mostly civilian targets.

„It is obvious that we are in solidarity with Ukraine, we will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed”, Iohannis said.

U.S. senators ‘praise Romania for facilitating Ukrainian grain exports’


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