Romania is self-sufficient in mask production against the coronavirus-minister

Romania has become self-sufficient in producing protective masks against the coronavirus outbreak, the economy minister revealed Tuesday.

The minister, Virgil Popescu, named Romania’s biggest protective mask manufacturer, Techtex, which reached a capacity of 50 million masks a month in August, according to Ioan Filip the chairman of the Tarapo group which controls the company.

Based in the town of Targu Lapus in the northwest Maramures region, the three-year-old company has invested in equipment and tools to make the textile material masks are crafted from, and other protective clothing such hazmat suits, capes, and protective shoe coverings.

Romania made it mandatory to wear masks in indoor places and crowded outdoor places starting mid-May to curb the spread of the virus. Most people respect the rule although some don’t wear the face covering correctly.

The shortage of masks was a major problem when the contagion appeared in March as people went on panic sprees or stockpiled masks

Techtex is the first Romanian company to produce protective clothing and the country’s only producer of mask filters and non-woven polypropylene plastic the material used to make masks and air particle filters.

It makes a variety of masks from standard face masks to respirator masks which protect from Covid-19 and are used by primary care staff.

„We will help the Romanian company continue to invest to continue to make masks entirely in Romania,” Mr. Popescu said. “At this time, we need out own resources to protect Romanians, those on the frontline.”


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