Romania nods to Moldova’s plea for gas

Foto: Inquam Photos / Adel Al-Haddad

Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă welcomed his Moldovan counterpart Natalia Gavrilița at the Government on Tuesday, saying that Romania is „making every effort” to find supply, transit and storage solutions for the natural gas needed by Moldova.

In a conversation, the two officials looked into the latest developments in the implementation of concrete projects intended to support Moldova in areas such as energy and natural gas supply, the provision of funding from a 100-million-euro package, as well as of 10 million euros in direct support.

„Regarding electricity, it will be provided within the existing transmission infrastructure, and new interconnection lines will be provided in the medium and long term”, according to the Romanian Government.

During the meeting, Gavrilița discussed increased transit of lorries on the borders and the need for additional measures to streamline traffic.

In this sense, the new border point that will open at Bumbata-Leova, on a military bridge of pontoons, and the taking over of goods traffic on the Radauti Prut-Lipcani bridge will contribute to the freeing up congested areas at the existing points.”

Special attention was given by Ciucă to the support that the government of Romania can offer in the preparation process for the start of Moldova’s accession negotiations with the European Union.

Gavrilița reviewed the current developments in Moldova’s preparations for negotiations, especially in the area of justice.

The Republic of Moldova could receive natural gas from Romania if the Russian supplier Gazprom stops gas deliveries to Chișinău after October 1, Moldovan president Maia Sandu told the TV8 channel. She also emphasized that Transnistria could receive gas from Romania, but only if it pays for it, Radio Chișinău reported, according to

Moldova’s gas company Moldovagaz signed a long-term contract with Gazprom last autumn, but Moldova failed to observe a memorandum attached to it – namely, it failed to carry out an independent audit on the historic debts between the two parties.

Transnistria has received gas from Russia for free over the decades and owes some USD 7-8 bln in unpaid bills. However, the separatist region is critical for Moldova since it provides some 70% of the electricity at a low price (possible due to the Russian gas received for free).

On Tuesday, Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă received at the Victoria Palace the counterpart from the Republic of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilița. On this occasion, the stage of implementation of concrete projects intended to support the Republic of Moldova was analyzed, in areas including energy and gas supply.

Romania relatively unaffected by Russian gas cut-off


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