Romania-Poland defense cooperation agreement to be ratified

The Romanian Government is poised to ratify the Defense Industry Cooperation Accord with Poland, ensuring the joint development, procurement, or modernization of military equipment, and enhancing ties between the two countries.

The agreement was signed in Warsaw earlier this year during a visit by Romanian PM Nicolae Ciucă. The signing coincided with other economic consultations held between Romanian officials, most notably the minister of enterprise and tourism, Constantin-Daniel Cadariu, and Polish counterparts, including minister of economic development and technology Piotr Nowak.

The initial signing took place a week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Following the ratification of the agreement, the two Eastern Europe countries will cooperate closely in the field of defense. The agreement will also strengthen economic relations. The trade turnover between Poland and Romania reached EUR 8,6 billion in 2021, after sizable increases in imports between the two countries, according to the Polish Investment & Trade Agency.


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