Romania to cover a part of gross wages to support jobs post-lockdown

ludovic orban 19 noiembrie
Sursa: Guvernul României

Romania’s government says it will tap European Union funds to support jobs after a two-month lockdown to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

 Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said his Liberal minority government will grant companies resuming operations up to 41.5% of gross wages for every employee returning to work.

There are more than 600,000 jobless Romanians and the government will give firms that hire them funds cover a third of gross wages for a minimum of three months, Orban said late Wednesday.

Orban said Romania could access five billion euros of EU funds to boost the economy, and would offer a guarantee of 4 million euros. The total EU fund is worth 100 billion euros..

He said there are 350,000 Romanians who had returned from abroad and were looking for work in Romania.

Incentives to hire day farm laborers, recent graduates and people close to retirement will also be provided.

The government will continue to support companies that have furloughed workers which are forced to remain closed after June 1.

Romania has reported 17,387 confirmed cases and 1,151 deaths.


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