Romania to remain Ukrainian safe space

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Romania was and will remain a „space of safety and peace” for  Ukrainian refugees, Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca declared on Friday, after participating in the presentation of the Report on Romania’s efforts and achievements in the field of humanitarian assistance to refugees, children’s rights and other vulnerable categories for the year 2022, carried out by the Department for Community Social Responsibility and Vulnerable Groups, in collaboration with institutional partners.

„Over 3 million Ukrainian citizens crossed our borders in the last 12 months, of which over 2.5 million benefited from direct support from the Romanian Government or from our partners, whether we’re talking about free transport, food, clothing, shelter, long-term accommodation, emergency financial aid, tens of thousands of free interventions and medical and social services, access to the labour market and Romanian schools or the guarantee of safety offered by the temporary protection status offered by our country”, Ciuca stated.

He added that the Government of Romania generated a clear response strategy to the refugee crisis, based on two phases: emergency intervention and medium and long-term responses for the integration of refugees, which assumed an extensive collaboration with all social partners of the type „all society response”.

„For the first time, we have an integrated action plan to respond to all international recommendations in this field and a special working group dedicated to preventing and combating human trafficking among refugees from Ukraine”, Ciuca added.

He also mentioned the government’s efforts regarding the rights of children and people with disabilities.

Best for Ukrainian refugees not to come home this winter, their gov’t says


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