Romanian aircraft responds to bomb threat with emergency landing

Sursa: Wikipedia

A TAROM aircraft flying from Tel Aviv to Bucharest made an emergency landing in Istanbul this morning due to a bomb threat, which however turned out to be a false alarm, informs the national airline operator.

„The TAROM company informs that due to a warning regarding the existence of a bomb on board, the aircraft making the route RO 154 Tel Aviv-Bucharest made an emergency landing at the Istanbul Airport at 03:30 local time, following the decision made by the flight commander which complies with the standard procedures for such situations. There were 88 passengers on board. We note that the checks carried out by the competent authorities have been completed, and the alert turned out to be a false one”, TAROm stated.

Passengers were assisted on the ground at Istanbul Airport, and took off around 11:30 local time to arrive to their destination of Bucharest.

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