Romanian brothers receive 73 years for human trafficking, coercive prostitution in Spain

Two Romanian brothers who were convicted in 2018 for forcing women into prostitution and extreme violence in Spain have received another sentence.

 A court in Oviedo northwest Spain sentenced them to 73 years for human trafficking and coercive prostitution on January. 20, but also because they formed a criminal group in which they co-opted eight other Romanians.

The Sandulache brothers _ Sebastian and Cristian _– were sentenced in 2018 to 108 years in prison for human trafficking, coercive prostitution and money laundering. They have been in prison ever since.

In just a few years, the brothers built in just a few years the largest human trafficking network in Spain, attracting its victims through the „lover Boy” method, Spain News reported.

They would allegedly lure women, aged between 18 and 20, to Spain by pretending  that they began a relationship with them, or taking advantage of their precarious situation, they convinced them that once in their destination they would help them find a well-paid job, Spain News reported in 2018.

Once in Spain, they were beaten and drugged and forced to sell themselves, the Olive Press reported.

It was only when one woman became suspicious when she was about to fly with Cristian Sandulache and another woman that the operation was uncovered, Euro Weekly News reported.

According to reports she slipped a note saying, “I don’t want to travel. They are making me” to passport control in Bucharest, who quickly got in touch with Spanish authorities to discuss how to proceed.

As there was already an investigation into the Sandulaches, authorities allowed them to board the plane and were met by Spanish police once they landed.

The brothers are said to have inserted metal balls into their genitals to make sex more painful for their victims.

The siblings were accused of cutting off a woman’s arm with a samurai sword after beating her so badly she was bed ridden for a week.

One night, the siblings allegedly forced four of their girls to eat hundreds of euros after they failed to make enough money.

While the girls ingested the money, the Sandulaches warned: “If this happens again, next time you eat it in coins.”


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