Romanian farmers rise up before the European Commission

Persoane vând și cumpără legume și fructe în piața Obor din București, joi 4 august 2022. Inquam Photos / George Călin

A delegation of the Romanian Farmers’ Force Association (AFF) is currently in Brussels to send a warning-signal call before the European Commission and the European Parliament about the difficult situation of the Romanian agri-food sector, reports Agerpres.

„Today, 29 March 2023, the AFF delegation will display a banner before the European Commission with the message „Romanian Farmers deserve respect!.” This moment was chosen because on 30 March there is a technical meeting at the European Commission level to discuss the recalculation of the aid from European money that Romania is to receive”, states press release issued by the association.

The initial decision, take on March 20th, was that out of a budget of 56 million EUR, Poland would receive 30 million, Bulgaria 16 million and Romania 10 million. Representatives of the association argue that „the total amount is an insult” towards the efforts made by farmers in Eastern Europe and that the means of splitting this amount is clearly to Romania’s disadvantage once again.

„This is the reason for the trip of the official delegation of the Farmers’ Force Association to Brussels. We thought that prior to the Commission meeting on 30 March, we should send a signal that Romanian farmers deserve respect in Brussels”, AFF member Daniel Radu stated.

Another AFF member conveys that Romanian farmers have been at the forefront of the European effort to help Ukraine, and this effort must be recognized by European officials: „Romanian farmers have made sacrifices, given up income and profit margins. This effort must be recognized and appreciated”, AFF member Gabi Corodeanu stated – something that was also voiced in an open letter from the AFF, which concluded with the idea that Romanian farmers are by and large at risk for bankruptcy in 2023.

In addition to the public actions mentioned above, the AFF delegation has scheduled meetings with Romanian MEPs and also interviews with media representatives in Brussels. Another important moment will be the presentation of the same public message before the European farmers’ organisation – the Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations (COPA)- the General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives (COGECA), in order to ask for equal treatment of all Romanian farmers in supporting the legitimate interests of the national agri-food sector at a European level.

Concessions for Ukrainian farmers equates to strain for Romanian farmers


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