Romanian film „Miracle” continues global tour with rave reviews

The Romanian psychological thriller Miracle (Miracol) directed by Bogdan George Apetri, has received several rave views during its one-month run in France, where it can still be viewed in more than 50 cinemas throughout the country.

Miracle – a film that is „dense, powerful, unpredictable, wonderful!” (Causette) – tells the story of a young nun (Ioana Bugarin) who sneaks out of her monastery to attend to an urgent personal matter but never makes it back and of a police detective’s (Emanuel Pârvu) complex investigation into her fate.

Here are some of the positive reviews it received in France:

„A mad labyrinth with no way out, in which humanity reveals itself viscerally, with a fervor and harshness never seen before” – Libération


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