Romanian police investigate lawmaker of far-right party for cannabis possession

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Romanian police said Friday they are investigating a case of lawmaker who is suspected of being in possession of cannabis, reported.

Security officials who are responsible for protecting high-level Romanian officials asked Bucharest police to investigate the case of a man who was carrying “a suspicious envelope.”

Police said they were called to the Romanian Parliament on Thursday to “identify a man who was found to have 0.5 grams of cannabis on him.”

The person was reported to be Mircea Gheorgheosu. He is the spokesman of the nationalist Alliance for the Union of Romanians, known as AUR.

He  told authorities that it was for personal use, media reported.

Romanian law punishes drug use or possession with prison sentences of up to two years. The law also allows offenders to be fined.

AUR party leader George Simion on Friday commented on the case.

“We are waiting for the results of the investigation, and then we will make a statement,” Mr. Simion said.

“For sure Mr Gheorgheosu won’t be our choice for prime minister,” he added, reported.

His comments were a dig at Romanian Prime Minister Florin Citu. The premier was recently publicly exposed over a two-decades-old drunk-driving offense in the United States.


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