Romanian prison officer quits post after falling for drug trafficker—only to be dumped when he’s released on parole

A Romanian prison officer who fell in love with a notorious mobster on her watch thought she’d done the right thing by resigning  to be with her lover.

Only it turns out the feelings were not mutual. When the prisoner was released on parole, he dumped her.

The unnamed woman was a police officer working at the Mărgineni Penitentiary,  northwest of Bucharest. 

She quit her post on Aug. 22 to pursue a relationship with Cristian Marian Bejan, a 38-year-old mobster from the northeast city of Bârlad, and known as a notorious drug supplier for  Bucharest night clubs.

Apart from drug dealing, Mr Bejan was also charged with murder, running a prostitution ring, blackmail and tax evasion.

Despite the charges,he was released from arrest on  Aug. 13 and she quit several days later,  Presshub. reported.

As for his inamorata, she appeared to be a model employee. The Penitentiary Administration said she’d won a three-month 50% salary bonus for in 2021 for “exception work” in special missions.

But the romance didn’t go smoothly.

Mr Bejan broke off the relationship, leaving her brokenhearted …… and jobless.

Presshub says she has applied to be reinstated in the penitentiary department which is investigating the case.

“This romance had a major impact on the principles and ethical values of police officers who work in the prison system. These actions can lead to crimes,” it said.

Specifically, prison officers are investigating whether any rules were broken and whether the former police officer aided the prisoner while he was detained.

Mr Bejan has been under arrest since Oct. 2020.

The agency tasked with fighting organized crime and drugs trafficking, DIIICOT, said Mr Bejan was the leader of a violent gang running 0a prostitution racket  involving Albanians in Western Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain.

He was sent to trial in March 2021 for money laundering, and instigation to murder.


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