Romanian woman, 101, recovers from Covid after 10-day hospital stay

A 101-year-old Romanian woman has recovered from Covid-19 following a 10-day hospital stay, medics said.

The unnamed woman is the oldest patient ever treated by the Saint Parascheva Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Iasi, hospital manager, Florin Roşu, said  Wednesday.

She was hospitalized this month in the hospital in northeast Romania after she confirmed positive for the virus.

„The patient was transferred from the Paşcani Clinical Hospital…. When she was admitted, she had a fever, was conscious, and not very cooperative. She had acute chronic respiratory failure…, chronic heart failure… cerebral atherosclerosis and chronic kidney disease,” he said.


She was given oxygen and “the medical team customized the treatment according to the patient’s needs so as not to interfere with the existing diseases”, Dr. Roşu told Agerpres news agency.


A few days after she was hospitalized, her symptoms improved and despite her advanced age and pre-existing conditions, the treatment… was a success.”


“We are satisfied and happy that our patient” has recovered.

Hospital staff will keep in touch with her doctor for further treatment and check-ups, he added. 

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