Romania’s ambassador in the U.S. fundraising for 1000s of Ukrainian refugees

Romania’s embassy in the United States has teamed up with Romanian United Fund to raise funds for humanitarian aid for thousands of refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

The embassy appealed to the Romanian community in the U.S. companies, religious organizations from the Romanian-American community to donate to help the  „collateral and innocent victims of a war not of their making.”

Romania’s ambassador to Washington, Andrei Muraru, made the first donation to the Ukrainian Peace Fund which has been set up by the Romanian United Fund.

“These are tragic times when we think of children, women, and Ukrainian men whose only hope is to flee the from war and terror,” he said.

Romania shares a 600-kilometer border with Ukraine’s southwestern region. Thousands of refugees have arrived since Russia invaded Ukraine Thursday morning.

Romania is offering humanitarian assistance to help refugees „deal with the humanitarian consequences of the unwanted conflict,” Mr Muraru said.

Romanian United Fund is a non-governmental organization registered in Illinois and a member of the Federation of Romanian American Organizations.

Since it was set up, it has raised more than 1.4 millions dollars for 40 projects in Romania and abroad.

Money is used for helping refugees with food, hygiene products and support for health institutions, equipment and medicine.

Donations can be made to



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