Romanians open their homes, hotels to Ukrainian refugees and their pets

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Romanians living along the long border with Ukraine have opened their homes and guest houses to refugees and their pets  fleeing their country after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Exhausted and scared

Romanians in the hospitality sector and non-governmental groups rallied to help “hungry, tired, exhausted and scared” refugees reported.

People living in Vama Siret in the northwest, Suceava in northern Romania and Tulcea in eastern Romania have offered help either directly or on social media, reported.

“There is a kilometer-long line of people standing in twos waiting to enter Romania”  at Vama Siret, in the northwest.


On Thursday as the invasion started, thousands crossed into Romania at points along the 600-meter border. Some transited the country en route to other destinations.

Dozens arrived in Suceava which is close to the border. Fight for Freedom, a local NGO Said mothers and children.

Ukrainian authorities were stopping men aged 18-60 from leaving the country as they have been called up to fight.

Local Suceava businessman Ştefan Mandachi has opened his hotel to refugees.

”I already have bookings at the hotel, including Ukrainians. But the priority now is  refugees, and (their) dogs and cats,” he said.  He is offering Ukrainians hot meals.


He said he was building kennels and areas for 40-50 animals. “We’ll find solutions for pets,” he said. A big events room at his hotel will be turned into a dormitory.

“I’ve never seen so many cars from Ukraine in my whole life. At Vama Siret it’s awful. Ukrainian men can’t leave, only women and children. They are crying and screaming,” he said.

There were scenes of refugees in cars, and others pushing toddlers in strollers. They have a suitcase, their papers, some clothes. They’ve left everything else behind in Ukraine, a man from the town of Chernivtsi old

False information

”There’s a lot of false information, a lot of panic. People want to get out,” said a Ukrainian woman married to a Romanian said.

She said she walked over the border carrying only her child and papers.

In the northwest Maramureş region, Ukrainians arrived on foot and in  their cars.

Sighetu Marmaţiei mayor Vasile Moldovan, told that NGOs were collecting food, medicine and clothes. Some locals offered their homes to people fleeing the war saying authorities weren’t yet prepared for an influx.

Hundreds of Ukrainians entered Romania on Friday at the Isaccea border crossing on the Danube in eastern Romania.

Hundreds of refugees flee Ukraine by boat to Romania


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