Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis expected to nominate PM ending weeks of political stalemate

Foto: INQUAM/George Călin

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will hold talks with political leaders with the aim of finding a prime minister who can end an almost two-month long political crisis.

The president will meet with the leaders of all parliamentary groups on Monday at the Cotroceni presidential palace. He is expected to name a prime minister who will then need a parliamentary majority.

The Liberal Party, the Social Democrats and a party that represents the interests of ethnic Hungarians have been in talks for more than a week over the formation of a new government.

The three parties, which have different political beliefs, have agreed on acting defense minister Nicolae Ciuca, a Liberal as their pick for prime minister.

The new government will take office after the Liberal-led government of Florin Citu was dismissed in a no-confidence vote on October 5 after its lost its parliamentary majority.

The parties say they want to have the new government invested by Thursday before a week of national day celebrations and holiday begins on Monday November 29.

President Iohannis will begin talks will midday Monday with five parliamentary parties and the group of ethnic minorities.

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