Snow blankets parts of Romania as wintry weather returns

Foto: INQUAM/George Călin

Snow returned to parts of Romania on Wednesday and a cold snap gripped the rest of the country.

The National Weather Administration  issued an amber weather alert for the capital, Bucharest and 11 counties that will last until Thursday at 6 a.m.

Snow began falling overnight in the capital and in the south, mainly in the Muntenia and Oltenia regions and the southern Carpathians.

Residents got back out their winter clothing to cope with the weather which was much lower than the seasonable norms.

Snowfall was quite heavy in some areas and was expected to settle. In Bucharest and close by, the snow didn’t initially lay as the ground was too warm.

Forecasters said it would keep snowing until early Thursday around Bucharest and other areas.

There were blizzards in some areas. Snowfall was light in central Romania and the northeast and elsewhere, there was black ice.

Winds of up to 45 to 55 kilometers were forecast for the mountains and the southeast, making it feel much colder,

The cold snap brought temperatures of 8 to 10C lower than the seasonal average.

Cold weather was expected to continue until Friday morning.


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