Spain, France, Tunisia on Romania’s latest red travel list

Sursa: Pixabay

Romania has updated its traffic light system of travel restrictions which come into effect at Sunday midnight.

The latest review puts Greece and Spain, top holiday destinations for Romanians on the red list.

The three-tier measures separate countries into a green, amber and red list of destinations, each carrying different restrictions for arrivals to Romania.

The regular reviews of each list are eagerly anticipated by travelers and the travel industry which has been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Destinations are graded as red, amber or green according to the level of risk of travelers reimporting Covid-19 infections.

The latest update was announced on 5 August, with the changes coming into effect from midnight on 8 August.

On Thursday seven destinations were added to the green list:  Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and the Republic of Moldova. These changes come into effect on Sunday 8 August.

Spain, France, Tunisia, Portugal, Malta, Greece and the Maldives are on the rest list. Thailand, Kuweit, Souh Africa and Brazil are also on the red list.

Travelers arriving in Romania from red countries can swerve quarantine if they have been double vaccinated.

Children under six are exempted from quarantine, while the 6-16 years olds can skip quarantine if they have a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours before arrival.

Israel, the U.S, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Denmark, Morocco and Belgium are on the amber list.

In other Covid-related news, the latest vaccination  data shows just 25 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. New first-dose appointments have almost ground to a halt. Rural areas have the slowest take-up.

Current coronavirus case numbers are low, but they’ve been creeping upward in recent weeks. The health ministry has warned that the highly contagious Delta variant will likely cause hospitalizations to rise.

Romania reports highest number of Covid-19 cases in two months





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