Study: Labor shortage pushes Romanian employers to hire from abroad. Most want to recruit unskilled workers

Romanian employers are increasingly looking abroad to hire workers to fill gaps left by millions of Romanians who have moved abroad for higher-paying jobs.

Most employers are looking for unskilled laborers while just 8% want to recruit foreign managers.

Recruitment platform BestJobs says one-fourth of employers would consider looking outside Romania in the hiring process, while 11% say they have already started the process.

A further 22% of companies would not rule out the option, the results of a survey conducted by local recruitment platform BestJobs showed.

Separately, industry groups say employers can’t fill an estimated 300,000 positions, while half of private Romanian businesses say a shortage of skilled employees causes financial losses of 7.1 billion euros for the economy, according to the 2019  PwC European Private Business Survey.

The main reason for recruiting foreign employees is the lack of specialized workforce on the local market 70% of employers say. One-third cite low productivity, while 27% say Romanian employees’ wage demands in relation to the job requirements or their skills are too high.

Employers tend to recruit workers from cheaper markets, primarily from southeast Europe and Moldova. They then look to hire from Asia, the European Union and lastly, from Africa.

About half the employers offer a monthly wage of 300 to 400 euros, while one-quarter are willing to offer 500 euros.

 One in ten employers would pay workers 800 euros a month, and 7% of employers are offering more than 1,000 euros a month for specialized jobs. The average monthly salary after tax is 660 euros.

Almost half the companies questioned said they were looking for unskilled workers, 41% are seeking engineers, 33% skilled workers, and 12% are looking for workers to fill positions in the IT&C industry, while 8% are looking for managers.

Some 40% of employers say they offer employees remote work, especially in the It&C industry, marketing, sales and accounting.


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