„The Magic Blouse”: multimedia performance in Paris

Sursa: Pixabay

The multimedia performance entitled „The Magic Blouse” (representing the Romanian traditional blouse) dedicated to the anniversary of 160 years of Romanian Diplomacy as well as a celebration of Romania’s National Day, will be presented on the 23rd on November at the UNESCO Grand Auditorium in Paris.

„I have always been concerned with promoting Romanian music, and, this autumn, I had several opportunities to prove it. But this extraordinary performance, in which the ensembles of the Bucharest National Opera will return to Paris for the first time after… 57 years, is a symbolic moment. We will have the opportunity to present, in front of a multinational audience, both Romanian orchestral music or inspired by Romanian folklore, as well as a work in absolute premiere audition signed by Dan Dediu, which will represent the live soundtrack of the original ballet created by Gigi Caciuleanu, a major name of the Romanian choreographic art, well-known to the Parisian public”, General Manager of the ONB Daniel Jinga stated.

The performance called „The Magic Blouse” („Povestea Iei” / „La blouse enchantée”) is made up of an orchestral and a choreographic part. The introductory orchestral programme is focused on highlighting traditional Romanian musical values in various arrangements, including „Hora martisorului” (Traditional Romanian folk dance) or „Romanian Songs” by Tiberiu Brediceanu, to „Six Romanian dances” by Bela Bartok, with the Orchestra of the Bucharest National Opera, conductor Daniel Jinga, soprano Teodora Gheorghiu and directed by Alexandru Nagy.

There will also be a dance performance by Gigi Caciuleanu, on original music composed especially for this theme by Dan Dediu, one of the most important names of the current Romanian composing area. The performance will be presented by the Ballet and Orchestra of the Bucharest National Opera, conductor Daniel Jinga.

„How to translate into sounds, gestures, color and light a garment and, at the same time, the talisman that is the ia? This was the challenge that we have accepted, the entire team of this project. We immersed ourselves, each one of us, in the beauty of the Romanian cultural tradition like in an ocean: I picked up some souvenirs from the bottom of this ocean and brought them to land, then studied them, incorporated and stylized them into a novel construction. Something completely new came out, expressing the soul and mental configuration of the present”, composer Dan Dediu said about the experience of working on the performance.

After the performance at UNESCO, the event will continue in Romania, on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera, later to be included in its season.

„Which of the immortal stories can be more appropriate for the promotion of Romanian music – both orchestral and contemporary music, through composition and choreography in the absolute premiere audition/viewing – in an art direction, costumes and a visual space inspired by the beauty of traditions authentic cultural events, within a production created in a public-private partnership to celebrate the sixteen decades of Romanian diplomacy, under the aegis of Romania’s National Day… than „The Magic Blouse?” A story that connects the communities of Romania and those of the Diaspora with the international community – being, for a long time, part of the informal diplomatic instrument. It is an honor for the Ministry of Culture to be the promoter of this project, generously hosted by UNESCO”, Secretary of State with the Culture Ministry Demeter Andras stated.

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