Ukraine agrees to measurements on Bystroye Canal, but only with Ukrainian ships

Sursa foto: wikipedia

Ukraine has informed Romania that it is willing to take measurements on the portion between km 11 and km 22 of the Danube’s Chilia branch and on the Bystroye Canal using Ukrainian ships and experts, and will receive two Romanian experts, reports Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu. Ukraine has not yet revealed a start date for these measurements, nor is it clear exactly where the measurements will be taken.

„So that there are no more erroneous interpretations regarding the situation of the measurements requested for the Chilia branch and the Bystroye Canal, I want to make the following clarifications. The experts of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure have completed the measurements on the Danube sector on the Chilia branch — Ukrainian side, between km 22 and km 116, where Ukraine allowed us access. The measurements were carried out by Romanian ships — the Donaris 1, Donaris 2 and Donaris 3 — and with Romanian experts. During these measurements, experts had access to our ships and Ukrainians were invited as observers. Romania has asked Ukraine for permission several times to continue the measurements with its own crews and ships between km 11 and km 22 of the Chilia branch and Bystroye Canal. Ukraine has told Romania that it is willing to take measurements on these portions of the Danube using Ukrainian ships and experts. It showed willingness only to receive two Romanian experts on board the Ukrainian ships. So far, Ukraine has not told Romania about the date on which the measurements will begin, nor the moment when the Romanian experts will be able to board the Ukrainian ships”, Grindeanu wrote.

According to him, Ukraine only requited the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to submit to the Ukraine’s Ports Administration and the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the documents by which they request access, without providing additional information.

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