UPDATE. Ukrainian helicopters land in Romania for maintenance work, more on the way

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Nine Ukrainian helicopters were given  permission by Romania to use its airspace to get maintenance work  done on the choppers.

Initially four copters initially landed in Iasi, northeast Romania,  and then flew on to Ghimbav in central Romania for the work, the defense ministry said. Five more helicopters also received authorization.

A total of 15 helicopters will be allowed to fly over Romania in the coming days in order to get  maintenance work done.

”Ukrainian authorities asked Romania for diplomatic permission to fly to Ghimbav to Airbus Helicopters which they contracts with, for maintenance,” a press release said.

The ministry said the choppers were used for civilian, not military missions.

Russia on Sunday warned that any country offering its airfields to Ukraine’s air force attacking Russian targets will be considered as having entered the conflict, state news agency TASS reported.

Romania’s defense ministry said the choppers had „submitted their flights plans In the civilian air traffic control system. They already landed at the Iasi aerodrome for a technical check and will then go to their final destination. ”

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