USA pats Romania on the back for providing Ukraine Patriot system

Sursa foto: wikipedia

A Joint Declaration adopted after the Strategic Dialogue Meeting between Romania and the USA highlights that the United States of America appreciates Romania’s recent decision to offer a Patriot system to Ukraine, as well as Romania’s leading role on NATO’s Eastern Flank in general.

The June 21 opened with consultations between Romania Foreign Affairs Minister Luminita Odobescu and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The US deeply appreciates Romania’s crucial role in promoting Euro-Atlantic security.

According to the same document, the US is committed to supporting Romania’s defense modernization, strengthening air defense and interoperability efforts.

The United States also congratulates Romania for successfully inaugurating this year the first European regional training center for F-16 pilots.

Despite a minor but strongly defined expression of discontent regarding Romania’s “servility” in its approach to external affairs, most Romanians are generally satisfied with Romania’s important role in strengthening NATO’s common defense. 

The NATO Summit is coming up in Washington, and Romania reiterated its commitment. 

The two sides reaffirmed that these developments make coordinated, predictable Euro-Atlantic support for the region more relevant than ever (…) Romania and the United States are deeply committed to strengthening their efforts to ensure a safe, stable and secure Black Sea region, with the implementation of the US Black Sea Strategy, which is an integral part of this effort. The US has noted Romania’s leadership role in ensuring the freedom and security of navigation on the Black Sea by significantly upgrading and expanding transit capacity and demining efforts, the Joint Declaration underlines.

The US and Romania emphasized in the document that Russia’s continued aggression has led to serious threats in the Black Sea region- though the reality is that both Russia and Ukraine have dipped into regions of the Black Sea that would put neighboring Romania at collateral risk during this conflict. 

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