VIDEO | Ancient Roman wall discovered inside Romanian theater during renovation work

A third-century wall built by the Romans has been discovered during renovation work at a theater in the Black Sea port of Constanta, the mayor said Wednesday.

The find happened when workers were consolidating the Fantasio State Theater to make it energy efficient, mayor Vergil Chitac said on social media.

Specialists from the History and Archeological Museum were called in to unearth the ruins which lay under the floor of the theater’s foyer.

“Dear Constanta residents, we live in a really special town,” the mayor said. “This is a beautiful and special moment. Our rich historical patrimony will go on display in the theater foyer.”


The wall was built in the late Roman era between 270-280 when Constanta was a fort known as Tomis. It underwent modifications and additions in the 6th century.

The first fragments of the wall were discovered by archaeologist Vasile Pârvan during a 1914 to 1916 dig.

He discovered a butcher’s tower which proved the defensive structure of the walls. A north gate, that was 25 meters wide, was also unearthed.

There were further excavations in 1958-1959 and 1960-1962 which confirmed Pârvan’s hypotheses about the route of the walls. A new gate of major importance was found at the time in the southwest.

The Fantasio theater itself is an important example of Neoclassical architecture in the city of about 300,000. It was built in 1927 during a period when Constanta was developing into a major hub.

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