VIDEO. Herd of bison caught on camera strolling through a forest in Transylvania.

zimbri/bison Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC), Calin Serban

A herd of bison has been caught strolling through a snowy forest in Transylvania.

The sprawling Hateg Reservation in southwest Romania where the animals were filmed this week is home to nine bison, four females and five male.

Video of the bison was posted on Tuesday by the national forestry organization, Romsilva who said forestry officials in the area spotted the bison who were out for a walk.

Romsilva looks after 100 bison in three different areas of Romania.

After two centuries of absence from Romania, the bison was brought back to the Southern Carpathians in 2014, when a large reintroduction program was launched under the oversight of WWF-Romania and Rewilding Europe.

Last summer, a group of eight bison left the reservations where they lived in Germany and Switzerland and were released into the wild in Bison Hillock, near Armenis a village in western Romania where they joined the existing herd of 57.

In November and December 2020 17 more bison were settled in Romania. They came from Romania, reserves in the UK, Sweden and Germany.

The bison once ranged over much of northern and eastern Europe but was steadily extinguished due to hunting and loss of habitat. the last wild European bison was shot in eastern Poland in 1921. A few animals survived in captivity from which the current hers are descended.

The European bison is the continent’s largest wild land mammal. Males can weight up to 920 kilograms, while females cam weigh up to 640 kilograms.


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