VIDEO | Moldova uses black humor in Covid-19 vaccine campaign ‘Don’t worry. We have the biggest cemetery in Europe’

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Moldova is using black humor in a bid to encourage people to get Covid-19 vaccines.

A 1.05 minute video which mixes comedy with the macabre tells Moldovans not to worry about catching the virus: “as we have the biggest cemetery in Europe.”

A gravedigger then appears with a shovel at the mouth of a massive grave, symbolic probably of the number of deaths or maybe suggesting a mass grave.


The video which is produced by the health ministry has the refrain “You don’t have to worry.”

“7,000 Moldovans have died of Covid. There are new, much more contagious and aggressive strains, but you don’t have to worry.”

It continues: “In Chisinau, for example, we have the largest cemetery in Europe. So, there’s plenty of room. So, you don’t have to worry!” another voice says.

An undertaker tells Moldovans  that some worry the „economy has been buried” but he doesn’t worry about it as „my business is doing better than ever.”

A Covid-19 patient whose voice is muffled by an oxygen mask says it’s not too bad if you catch a mild form of the virus „as long as  there is enough medical equipment and beds in the hospital.” His mask is then removed by healthcare staff.

The video ends on a serious note: “The pandemic hasn’t ended! It’s down to each one of us how we get through this. Get a jab and stay alive!”

The unusual approach seems to have been successful. The ministry posted a new humorous video on Monday advising people to respect restrictions and get a jab.


Romania donates 200,000 Covid vaccines to Moldova, Ukraine and agrees to sell AstraZeneca shots to Moldova





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