VIDEO. Prince Charles appeals to Romanians to staycation, enjoy the Danube Delta, Saxon villages and ‘other incredible riches’

Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Britain’s Prince Charles of Wales has urged Romanians to spend their holidays in the country and rediscover the mountains, the Danube Delta, Saxon villages and other „incredible riches.”

Charles put together a five-minute film to support the local tourist industry which has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The film, starring Prince Charles, is created by Charlie Ottley, a British presenter and producer of the Wild Carpathia documentary series.

Recalling his first visit to Romania in the late 1990s, Charles enthuses about Romania’s  country’s “vast mixed forests,” “unique heritage” and „breathtaking natural landscapes.”

 „There is so much more that I long to explore. Romania is an astonishingly diverse country,” the prince says.

Please share this short film we made with HRH Prince Charles to support Romanian tourism.

Publicată de Wild Carpathia pe Marţi, 4 august 2020

He touches on the  Danube Delta, the painted monasteries, collections in Bucharest museums or the wild beauty of the Iron Gates Gorge, the castles and Saxon villages of Transylvania, the Dacian fortresses, and the Greek cities of Histria and Argamum.

„To find such huge …. natural and cultural diversity under a single flag is quite remarkable, and it’s one of the features that make Romania such a unique and special corner of Europe,” he said.

“So too is the determination of the Romanian people to preserve and protect their heritage, to hold fast to their crafts and traditions and retain the very best of the past whilst building a brighter future.”

He talks about how the pandemic has pummeled tourism.

„All around the world, countries shut their borders, and it became necessary for people to stop traveling. I do know just what a devastating effect this has had on the tourist industry, on hotels, restaurants, and other tourist businesses, and on the millions of jobs that depend on them.”

But, he says, this is the opportunity for a staycation to „rediscover one’s roots and reconnect.”

The prince also says he will continue to champion the importance of protecting and celebrating Romania’s heritage.

„For myself, Romania holds a very special place in my heart. I can trace my ancestors all the way back to Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler), which may explain why, each time I visit, there is a part of me that feels at home.”

Charles owns property in the central Transylvania region and makes an annual visit to the country. He was forced to postpone this year’s visit due to the health crisis, but says he looks forward to coming back.

“When it becomes possible for me to travel to Romania again, it will be a precious moment to cherish. Să ne revedem cu bine!” he says signing off with a Romanian phrase roughly meaning „We’ll be glad to see each other again.”


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